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Xiaomi's so-called 'independent' subsidiary

Year Established: 2013

Headquarters: Beijing, China

Parent: Xiaomi Corp, China

Our Findings

Redmi is a sub-brand owned by Xiaomi Corporation, which primarily focuses on the budget phone market. Redmi and Xiaomi are not different. It’s basically just a Xiaomi phone with low-end specifications. It also means that all the allegations faced by Xiaomi also extend to Redmi phones. In May 2020, the company was yet again under scrutiny as they were reportedly collecting browsing data of users, even from the ones in incognito mode. The researchers were able to detect not one, but numerous backdoors in Xiaomi smartphones that helped the company obtain personal data without letting the user know.

Redmi and Xiaomi are two sides of the same coin. What affects one, affects the other. If you want a cheap, low-powered phone that may or may not last long, and will (allegedly) send your private data to remote servers in China, then look no further than Redmi.



Investor Information

Investors: Unknown

Chinese Presence in Top Management: yes

Nationality of Chairman/CEO: Chinese

Nationality of Top 3 Shareholders: Chinese

Indian Alternatives

Jio Karbonn Micromax

Foreign Alternatives

Samsung Nokia LG
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