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Another Chinese member of the Oppo family

Year Established: 2018

Headquarters: Guangdong, China

Parent: BBK Electronics, China

Our Findings

Realme was a sub-brand of Oppo, until recently. Today, it’s an independent brand operated by another Chinese tech giant, BBK Electronics Corporation – a company that also owns OnePlus, Vivo and Oppo. The company has a manufacturing facility in India, which means their phones will come with the ‘Made in India’ label.

Not many people are aware that Realme is a Chinese brand – which means that the company has managed to market themselves well. The company produces good phones across different price segments, but the fact that it comes from the same company that owns Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus is a red flag (no pun intended) in itself.



Investor Information

Investors: Unknown

Chinese Presence in Top Management: yes

Nationality of Chairman/CEO: Chinese

Nationality of Top 3 Shareholders: Chinese

Indian Alternatives

Jio Karbonn Micromax

Foreign Alternatives

Samsung Nokia LG
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