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The world leader in innovative technology

Year Established: 1975

Headquarters: Washington, USA

Parent: Microsoft Corporation, America

Our Findings

Thanks to the Covid-19 situation, Microsoft has accelerated its efforts to shift the production of their new phones, laptops and other devices from China to South-East Asia. The American tech giant has, however, cooperated with the Chinese government to implement a system of Internet censorship that, according to various human rights advocates, violates an individual right to privacy. What’s ironic is that a company whose existence depends on the freedom of information and expression has taken on the role of a censor with a pro-censorship country like China.

Microsoft has a huge market in India and we don’t think they might risk jeopardising it. Although they call themselves an all-American company, they still require China’s manufacturing prowess, which we believe will change soon. However, if you are one of those very few individuals who use Microsoft devices and peripherals, make sure it’s not made in China. Apart from that, there’s nothing you need to worry about the company when it comes to your stance against China.



Investor Information

Investors: Not Available

Chinese Presence in Top Management: no

Nationality of Chairman/CEO: American

Nationality of Top 3 Shareholders: American

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Foreign Alternatives

Dell HP Acer
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