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A brand that's synonymous with innovation

Year Established: 1958

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

Parent: LG Corporation, South Korea

Our Findings

LG, the company that produced the world’s first phone with capacitive touch display, is a South Korean multinational. They are heavily invested in mobile manufacturing with various manufacturing facilities around the world, including two units in India. That being said, they have production facilities in China too, but not to make mobile phones.

LG is a company operating out of South Korea and is owned, operated and financed by South Korean entities. If you come across an LG product, chances are that it’s not made in China. LG is a good premium alternative to Chinese products.



Investor Information

Investors: 25+

Chinese Presence in Top Management: yes

Nationality of Chairman/CEO: South Korean

Nationality of Top 3 Shareholders: South Korean & American

Indian Alternatives

Karbonn Micromax IFB Voltas

Foreign Alternatives

Google Nokia Samsung Electrolux
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