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The Indian brand you can choose with your eyes closed

Year Established: 1974

Headquarters: Bangalore, India

Parent: IFB Industries Ltd

Our Findings

IFB Home Appliances is a division of IFB Industries Ltd which provides products and services across a range of product categories that include washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, microwaves, air conditioners, chimneys, etc. It has manufacturing plants in Kolkata and Verna, Goa. The company was originally known as Indian Fine Blanks Ltd and started operations in India in 1974 in collaboration with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. The home appliances division started in 1990-91 with a factory in Bengaluru, India. 

IFB is one of those very few companies that can genuinely claim to be an Indian entity. The brand has been around for a long time and today its name is synonymous with value and reliability. IFB gets our thumbs up for being a brand with zero ties to China.  



Investor Information


Chinese Presence in Top Management: no

Nationality of Chairman/CEO: Indian

Nationality of Top 3 Shareholders: Indian

Indian Alternatives

Godrej Voltas Micromax

Foreign Alternatives

Electrolux LG Samsung
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