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Japanese quality that you can always trust

Year Established: 1937

Headquarters: Tokyo , Japan

Parent: Canon Inc, Japan

Our Findings

Canon is a household name when it comes to cameras, lenses and printers. Canon has 7 manufacturing hubs outside Japan viz. China, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. All products are assembled using the same technology under the supervision of Japanese engineers, so the quality does not depend on the country of origin. In most of the factories, they don’t produce the parts, they just assemble products that were manufactured in Japan.

Canon is a Japanese conglomerate with no Chinese presence in their management and they are on their way to shut down their manufacturing unit in China. Most of the company’s products sold in India, of late, originate in Thailand or Vietnam; so we think you can go ahead and buy them without any hesitation.



Investor Information


Chinese Presence in Top Management: no

Nationality of Chairman/CEO: Japanese

Nationality of Top 3 Shareholders: Japanese & American

Indian Alternatives

Foreign Alternatives

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