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An Indian leader in audio products

Year Established: 2015

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Parent: Imagine Marketing Services

Our Findings

We all are familiar with this relatively new brand that has been making waves in recent years. This India-based company has managed to captivate millennials with its attractive pricing, cool products and deep understanding of what young consumers want. The result? 100+ crores in sales with 4 units of bOAt products being sold every minute. While they manufacture products in India, the company still depends on China for a bulk of its imports. We don’t think the time is far when bOAt will start manufacturing their products in India. Their chargers and cables are already made in India, but bringing their whole portfolio of products under the ‘Make in India’ umbrella will take time.



Investor Information


Chinese Presence in Top Management: no

Nationality of Chairman/CEO: Indian

Nationality of Top 3 Shareholders: Indian

Indian Alternatives

iBall Zebronics

Foreign Alternatives

Bose Sony JBL
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